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CSA Team visiting ALIR (Animal Lover Independent Rescue)

CSA Team had a chance to visit the ALIR shelter in Kota Belud on 20th January 2017, where there were over 100 rescued animals. We heard so many heartwarming stories about the animals that was rescued. We held a donation fund where clients purchase a ALIR Tshirt and the donation goes directly to ALIR Sabah.


We had a warm welcome by the animals in ALIR (picture above)



About 70 dogs were rescued and they remember each of their names.


This is Didi (top picture), she told us that they have rescued about 700 dogs and cats since they started in 2011. The black dog is named King. He hugs her most of the time when we were visiting. He is really close to Didi. There was one incident where there were a virus breakout and killed about 30-40 dogs in the shelter. Didi cried almost everyday. One time, she went to the toilet to cry and suddenly King came in and jumped on her and licked all over her face to wipe her tears. From then onwards, she stopped crying. King is a true man's best friend.


This is Aldrin (Top Picture), the person who the cats & dogs know him as "daddy". He rescued so many dogs and have been bitten for few times but still continues rescuing them until they are safe. He has so much patience when it comes to animals.

Audrey with the dogs from the shelter.

Audrey with the dogs from the shelter.

CSA also received a special gift surprise by ALIR founders Didi & Eldrin.


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