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Glide On Kudou Pencil Eyeliner


This Glide On Kudou Pencil Eyeliner enhances your natural beauty. Available in dark brown, perfect for that "Au Naturel" look. It can also be used for your eyebrows, BUT be aware that the colour may be too dark for some so use it moderately. Better yet, come on over to our studio and we will advise you on how to use it as a brow pencil! 2-in-1 for the win!

Kudou Potion


Our Kudou Potion has the ability to stimulate brow growth, making it thicker and healthier. It is an all natural product made of 100% castor oil with a hint of lavender extract for that soothing and relaxing aroma. This Kudou Potion can also thicken your eyelashes!


All orders comes with a booklet on how to use your potion on your eyebrows or even your lashes.

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