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What is the difference between tweezing and waxing?

Tweezing is more painful and less long lasting as eyebrows grow slightly faster. It is also less effective as you can only tweeze the ‘big’ hair while shaving smaller, fine hair.


Brow waxing is faster, covers big areas thus enable more effective (brow) shaping, and have the longest period in-between regrowth. Waxing also encourages thinner and softer regrowth which and speeds the growth of thicker, coarser and healthier brows.


What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a pre-dye method to fill the sparseness in-between your brows. Tinting reduces time for you to constantly fill and re-fill your eyebrows and also act as a good guideline to shape your eyebrows yourselves by following the ‘border’ of the tint. Because it is temporary, customers like to tint their eyebrows when they go for vacations or big events such as weddings and dinners because it is easier for them to fill up their eyebrows or leave it as it is!


How long does tinting last?

The tinting can last up to two weeks. We recommend tinting for those who have full brows but lots of sparseness. This is because the tint sticks to brow hair better than on the skin (the tint on the skin would only last about 4 to 7 days depending on the skin type). Thus, why tinting on thinner brows cannot last long.  


Is tinting similar to eyebrow tattoo?

No. Eyebrow tinting is only temporary while eyebrow tattoo is permanent. The tint that we use at CSA is a high quality pre-dye product that is ordered all the way from Europe.

What is henna tint?

Henna tinting is basically a treatment that involves staining the skin and brow hair, but it's different from the usual eyebrow dye you'd use during eyebrow tinting.

What is the difference between henna tint & normal tint?

Lasting Power

Henna Tint: Lasts up to 2-3 weeks

Normal Tint: Lasts up to 1-2 weeks depending on your skin. It generally lasts around 1 week on oily skin, but with proper after care it can last up to 2 weeks.


Henna Tint: Using natural ingredients, no oxidant

Normal Tint: Using oxidant, not advisable to those with sensitive skin

Finished Result

Henna Tint: Looks more natural with a powdery effect finish. We have a few colour range for henna. If you want the colour to last longer, go for a darker shade. You can also request for a more natural finish.

Normal Tint: Initially quite dark but fades after 2-3 days to a powdery and soft finish


Can I still pray once I do eyebrow tinting? (Muslim customers)

Definitely! For your information, the ingredients in the tint are Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Bis-Diglyceryl-Polyacyl-Adipate-2, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

(Basically, it’s like hair dye but for eyebrows and has less stronger chemicals.)


Do you offer make-up classes?

Yes we do! We often have our highly requested Doll Up Workshop from time to time where we teach basic day and night make-up. You can find more information on it here.


How much is the Doll Up Workshop and when do you normally have them? Do you provide certificates and make-up products?

Doll Up Workshop participants will receive a certificate, exclusive CSA goodie bag, notebooks and also refreshment. For workshop price listing, please visit this page. 

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I see Kudou everywhere! What is Kudou?

Haha! Kudou is the Kadazan word for EYEBROWS!

Can I do cash on delivery (COD) for products that I purchased?

All products MUST be paid through this website. You may self pick-up your purchased products from our studio. For self pick up, please contact us at or WhatsApp us at 0146588300 to set a pick up appointment date as our studio is not open everyday.


What are your rates for make-up (Wedding/Engagement/Events)

Please refer to the pricelist here.


Where is CSA studio located?

Our studio is located at Lot 54, 2nd Floor, Block G, Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre, Penampang. A location map can be found here.


Why was I charged USD1 by PayPal?

PayPal may charge a temporary $1.00 amount (or equivalent amount in RM). This is an important security feature that is an industry standard for online processing because it allows them to verify that you are the account holder of the card and that the card information is correct. This is commonly known as "pre-authorization".


The charge is only TEMPORARY and will never be permanently claimed by PayPal. While each card issuer may vary, the $1.00 will be returned to your card balance - determined by your card issuer. Don't worry! Once again, it is NOT permanent.

Online store


How can I purchase your products?
  1. Visit our online store here.

  2. Click on the product that you wish to buy and "Add to cart".

  3. Add as many items in the cart as you want. Once you're done, click the cart icon located on the top right of every page and click "View Cart".

  4. Reconfirm your purchase. Once done, click checkout with PayPal which will lead you to a secure checkout page.

  5. Follow the instructions on the page and it will then lead you to PayPal's secure site.

  6. If you have a PayPal account, log in. If not, just click Pay with a debit/credit card.

  7. Fill in your information and choose to ship to your billing address or another address.

  8. Confirm everything is right and you're done!


OR you can always walk in to our studio to get your products.

What if I do not have a debit or credit card?

Contact us via email at or WhatsApp at 0146588300.



How can I make appointments?

From this page.

How to use the booking system?
  1. Click the service name to view details about the service. Click "book now" to start booking.

  2. Select from the available date & time

  3. Provide your contact information

  4. Submit and continue with your payment through PayPal's secure site

  5. If you have a PayPal account, log in. If not, just click Pay with a debit/credit card.

  6. Complete the process and your appointment will be booked.

... Or you can just choose to pay later, but isn't it easier to go to your appointment knowing you have already paid for it? ;)

What if I do not have a debit or credit card?

Contact us via email at or WhatsApp at 0146588300.

I need to change/cancel my appointment! How?

Click the link from the appointment confirmation email. If you can't find that email, contact us on with your name and appointment date & time.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 15-minute grace period policy for latecomers. After 15 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled and there will be no refunds. If you need to cancel, do inform us one day in advance or else your payment will not be refunded. 



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