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We started as a one-woman-show. Cabrine Solibun founded Cabrine Solibun Art (CSA). Cabrine started as a freelance make up artist and an aspiring beautician trying to make a mark in our land below the wind. As of today, she has certainly done so, especially after (unofficially) gaining the name “Kudou Queen of Kota Kinabalu”, and probably the whole of Sabah!


Now, we have a team of very talented ladies in CSA with our very own studio located in Penampang. As every other company, we have been through thick and thin but thanks to our very loyal followers and customers we are not only standing strong today, but fervently growing.


It is amazing what we have accomplished and the impact we have made to the ever competitive beauty industry in Sabah. This is just the beginning and CSA has yet to unleash our full potential. We are ready to take the beauty industry by storm. Are you?


Hola, I'm Cabrine, the founder of CSA! I graduated from the Australian College of Beauty Therapy. I have what some would call "Kudou OCD" - I won't let you walk out of my studio if your brows are not 100% perfect, haha!


Founder, Kudou Expert & Makeup Artist

I strive to bring out the best in people not just through my make up but also through my vibrant personality.

I specialize in bridal and high fashion photography make up.


Some of my accomplishments include:

  • Being nominated best student in Australia College Beauty Therapy

  • Winner of the first MUAH academy makeup artist competition in 2013

  • Best makeup during Epie Temerloh (a renowned makeup artists)
    makeup workshop in Febuary 2013

  • Invited as a main judge for the makeup artist competition for "Gala night MUA & Photography" early January 2014, which was officiated by Datuk Jumat Haji Idris.


I am the sole owner of CSA Studio that provides services such as; portfolio services for prospective models, kudou makeovers, bridal and dinner make up.

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