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CSA Company Trip (Vietnam 2017)

CSA Team went on a trip to Vietnam this year! It was fun and tiring trip. All hardwok are paid off! We also had a chance to do a Kudou Makeover on Nina. She was really friendly and she loved her new Kudou so much.

It was also fun to experience backpacking around Vietnam.

The Central Post office is at number 2, Paris Commune Street, District 1. This is one of the oldest buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. The Central Post Office was built around 1886 - 1891 based on Villedieu's design, a famous French architect.

What an amazing adventure with these ladies. Thanks Adora for designing our sweater..

"Kudou-Kudou Dulu Bah"

I have always wanted to try backpacking.. and finally did it!

Thanks Audrey for the tips and making sure I don't pack my whole closet.

Uncle say buy donut first then can take picture. ok set! One donut please.. hehe.

Meet our new friend Ocha from Bali, Indonesia. She is so pretty kan.. Hope to see you again in Bali Ocha!

Thank you Xuan Hien for arranging our stay at Mu Nei.

Hope you love our token for appreciation.

Our sand Slide coaches and also our photographer of the day. They directed us so many poses. Thanks ladies!

Overall experience in Vietnam was really fun. We hope to see you again next time Vietnam!

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