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Program Keusahawan Wanita

Terima kasih Yayasan Sabah kerana menjemput saya menjadi salah satu speaker untuk Program Keusahawan Wanita (Peluang perniagaan dalam industri Kecantikan & kesihatan) . I love this kind of Program😍

Spot CSA Kudou pencil eyeliner & Kudou potion 😍😍😍 Such an honor. I was one of the youngest in the auditorium and many were interested to know how CSA started. I believe age is just a number and a lot of people can achieve their dreams. Sharing my experience to all these passionate ladies is already an achievement and also a blessing.

Thanks Yayasan Sabah😘 ( 1st time kena serbu by beautiful ladies, especially while doing demo on how to fill in your kudou😜)


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