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A Day of Grooming with SOLS!

Thank you SOLS 24/7 for inviting us to give a class on grooming for the SOL 24/7 students. It was such an honour to be given the opportunity to collaborate with a very interesting and inspirational organisation.

CSA was approached by Ms Sakura to give a class on grooming which involves tips and lessons on skin care, basic makeup, hygiene, proper attire (how to dress up and look presentable frm head to toe) and also some tips for a succesful interview. We hope that with these little tips will help feel more confident to face the outside world. Especially for their future.

There were about 40 students who participated, 20 ladies and 20 gentlemen. All of them were very attentive and good sports! They really got involved during the class and a lot of feedback from them Even the gentlemen had fun learning about basic makeup! We think we have solved their questions and curiosity on how women put on make up, haha!

CSA had so much fun working with such an interactive crowd, even in turn taught CSA a few lessons. It was a memorable event that will be remembered by CSA for a long time.

SOLS 24/7 is based in Kampung Lomunu, Penampang. What is SOLS? it is Science of Life Studies 24/7 it is a non-governmental, tax exempted, humanitarian organisation registered in Malaysia. The organisation was created to provide subsidised or free non-formal education programs to underserved communities and currently has independently run country programs in Cambodia, East Timor , Malaysia, Laos, India and Thailand.

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