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Sabah Youths for Unity (#SabahY4U) program

A little delayed update, on 30th August 2015, Sunday, I was invited to be one of the panelist under 30 to speak (my first time ever) at the Sabah Youths for Unity (#SabahY4U) program. This #SabahY4U programme is for youths age 18-30 years old, aimed to raise awareness about unity and tolerance in Malaysia especially in Sabah and also on leadership. I presented the history of CSA, the company I started when i was 23 years old by just using social media as my marketing tool. I also took the opportunity to share my experience on some of the challenges i faced along the way and how I manage to overcome them with help from my family and friends.

I also stayed to listen the other two panelist and I was very enlightened by their presentation. One of them is a local photographer who opened his own photography studio and has taken numerous cultural photographs both internationally and locally. Check out some of his works here,

The next panelist was the most inspiring one, her name is Ms Sayaka from Tokyo, Japan. She is in Sabah under the NGO, SOLS 24/7 to serve, educate and empower communities throughout Malaysia (, something i never heard of before until that day. After her presentation, we had a talk and CSA hopes to collaborate with SOLS in the near future. It was a memorable experience as i stayed until the Q&A session, where I witnessed all of the 30 participants were all good sports! It was no ordinary Q&A as the moderator Ms Jasmine made things interesting. I was actually a nervous wreck when it started, but it was very entertaining and I even learned a few new things. Big thanxx to my besfriend, Lam for being there for me.

I would like to thank Ms Jasmine from PACOS for inviting me to be one of the panelist for #SabahY4U and congratulations on the success of your event. I believe #SabahY4U was a very good platform to inspire the youths that there are many ways to contribute back to the community, albeit being an activist, teacher or even opening a small business, nothing is impossible.

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