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CSA Christmas Bazaar 2017

Ola! Are you ready for the FIRST CSA Christmas Bazaar in Plaza 333? This is our early Christmas present for all of you!

CSA Christmas Bazaar 2017

Date: 12th - 16th December 2017

Time: 10am - 8pm

Venue: CSA Studio, Plaza 333

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoyspecial promotions on our services and products! Enjoy some games, special prizes (like RM499 discount voucher for Phibrows!) and the very popular Photobooth.

NO appointment needed! Yayy!

That's not all folks! Witness the launch of the long awaited KUDOU PENCIL BROWS! Be one of the first few to try this new product and be featured in our social media. Get dolled-up and get your Christmas present ready with CSA! See you there everybody!

Below are pictures of our First Christmas Bazaar 2017 in Plaza 333. Love to see all the happy faces. Thanks for coming! and congratulations to all winners!

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